Makers & Collaborators

We'd love for you to join our Stone + Stump community!

We seek out designers, suppliers, and makers who align with our values. We intentionally offer only a small selection of products in our boutique’s Shop at a time. This helps ensure that we are picking quality products for our customers and can stay focused in our marketing efforts to ensure each product gets the love and attention it deserves. 

By offering carefully curated items with limited stock, we keep our environmental footprint low, take up less physical space with inventory, and maintain manageable costs. Limited stock encourages our customers to be more mindful and intentional in their buying habits. If a treasure for our boutique sparks joy for them, the limited stock encourages them to get it before it's gone. 

Are You A Fit?

We appreciate that lots of time and dedication go into making your products. Each partnership is as unique as the product. We offer a percentage of the profits back to the designers and makers who made them. You don't have be creating product in mass-production -- in fact, we prefer to help the little guy/gal. Whether you have only a dozen of your item or hundreds, as long as you share our values for a happy, healthy, and more mindful living, we invite you to connect with us. 

We have preference for the following:

  • Made in Canada
  • Small startups or hobby creators 
  • Designed by women
  • Designed by Indigenous Peoples

If you do not fit the criteria above, we encourage you to still apply if you share in our values.  

Apply & Get Featured

Before contacting us, please read our About page. We only partner with those who share our values. Please review then before contacting us. 

To apply, email the following details to stoneandstump@gmail.com:

  • Your First & Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Business name (optional)
  • Description of item
  • Photo
  • How many do of your item do you expect to sell?
  • How did you hear about Stone + Stump
  • What value do you connect with most of all?